Health Tips: Do not panic if you suddenly start vomiting, do home remedies to stop it immediately

Do not panic if you suddenly start vomiting
Many people like to travel very much, whether it is traveling in a car or train or bus, many people have problems like motion sickness, vomiting, due to which they feel very weak during their trip and do not enjoy their journey. In such a situation, your entire trip gets spoiled. There can be many reasons for vomiting like motion sickness, food poisoning, poor digestion etc. In such a situation, we have brought some home remedies for you, in which we will talk about how to control vomiting and how these remedies can prove to be beneficial for you. 

Consuming these things will not cause vomiting

  • Cardamom

Consuming green cardamom will easily solve the problem of nausea as well as vomiting. You can consume it in any way. Chewing it and eating it will give a lot of benefit.

  • Lemon

Lemon reduces the tendency of vomiting, Vitamin-C found in it is quite capable of preventing this problem, you can consume it by making a drink or you can extract its juice and drink it directly.

  • Fennel

If you would have gone to the hotel, you would have been given fennel along with the food bill. It not only acts as a mouth freshener, but is also effective in preventing vomiting. Its taste has the ability to stop vomiting, you can consume it in any ways.

  • Clove

Clove is an easily available material in every household. If you want to stop vomiting and nausea, then clove is very beneficial. Keeping clove in the mouth stops vomiting, if you want, take a spoonful of clove. You can also boil it, it will also be effective.

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