Health Tips: If you have crossed the age of 30, then get these 3 tests done twice a year, do not be negligent with your health

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In the 20 years of age, every person is careless about his health, but in the 30s, the season of change begins. Health experts say that even if you feel healthy beyond the age of 30, but you must do regular checkups. This visit to the doctor will save you from future health issues.

Know which investigation is necessary

  1. Blood Pressure Screening:-
According to health experts, blood pressure must be checked at least once in every six months.  

Your blood pressure is not in the normal range (high number is 120 to 129 mm Hg or low number is 70 to 79 mm Hg).

  • Anyone in your family has a complaint of blood pressure.
  • You have high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • If there is obesity or diabetes, then blood pressure screening must be done. It can cause heart disease.
  1. Complete Blood Count

Complete blood count test should also be done twice a year. By doing this, anemia, infection, some types of cancer can also be detected. This test is very important for women. Because they suffer from iron deficiency and need supplements. If CBC is fine then test should be done once in a year. If there is some problem in CBC (Complete blood count), get the test done twice in two years.

  1. Blood Sugar Test

People with blood sugar test 30 should definitely get it done. It is done after fasting for 12 hours. By which diabetes can be detected. If the reading is < 99 then the blood sugar is normal. If it is between 100 and 100, then it is pre-diabetes and if it is above 110, there are signs of diabetes. In cases of pre-diabetes and diabetes, an additional test is done HbA1C (HbA1C) which gives the label of average blood sugar in the last three months. If the readings are normal, your doctor may recommend the test once a year.

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