In new social media guidelines, the CRPF requests that staff refrain from commenting on divisive or political issues

Social media guidelines

The CRPF, the largest paramilitary organization in the nation, has updated its social media policies and asked its members to refrain from making comments on contentious or political issues that can "haunt" them in the future.

The force's headquarters in Delhi released the two-page guidelines last week after learning that "force employees were using social media sites to air their personal issues, which is against CCS Conduct Rules 1964 and may incur disciplinary action."

PTI has accessed a circular issued in this regard, and it claims that the new instructions are being provided to sensitize the staff and to warn them against "cyberbullying and harassment."

The instructions listed a few "don'ts," such as keeping your job title and type of employment a secret if you work for a sensitive ministry or organization.

The statement read, "Do nothing that on your Internet social networking may harm the reputation of the government or that of your own; do not criticize government policies or make political or religious statements in any public forum and do not comment on contentious, sensitive or political matters that may come back to haunt you."

The rules indicate that staff members shouldn't write or post anything out of resentment, spite, or while intoxicated. They also shouldn't intimidate or discriminate against anyone online.

"Do not discuss anything through a non-authorized channel, even if it is unclassified or innocent-looking like personnel issues, promotions, local instructions, etc. that may provide the opposition a chance to gather intelligence," it advised.

Additionally, there are several "do's" listed in the instructions for CRPF personnel, such as "make careful to recognize the difference between truth and opinion."

Always remember that you are personally accountable for the content you publish on blogs, wikis, or any other platform or in any kind of user-generated content, it is advised. "Make careful to specify (through social media platforms) that you are not expressing the stance of the government," it advised.

The employees have been instructed to exercise "utmost prudence while commenting on sensitive matters, gender issues, and controversial issues online" and to "guard the privacy" of their family and friends as carefully as their own.

It advised users to "carefully consider the ramifications of adding, linking, following, or accepting requests from... unidentified persons."

"Social networking platforms should not be used to discuss official issues or grievances. The members of the force may file grievances on institutional forums as necessary." According to the circular sent to every force formation,

A few years ago, the force released a similar set of regulations.

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), which has about 3.25 lakh members, is primarily stationed in three combat zones across the nation: the Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) zone, the counterterrorism zone, the law and order zone in Jammu and Kashmir, and the counterinsurgency zone in the northeastern states.

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