World Hindi Day: Hindi is not only a language but it is an expression of feelings, know what is its importance

Hindi Diwas
World Hindi Day

World Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 10 January. Hindi is the language of our honor, respect and self-respect. Hindi is not just a language but it describes the culture, literature and history of us Indians. It binds us Indians in the thread of unity.

What is the purpose of celebrating World Hindi Day?

Its purpose is to give Hindi language a new identity at the international level. Due to the increasing trend of English and neglect of Hindi, in the year 2006, it was announced to celebrate Hindi Day every year on 10 January. Its effect has also been seen at the national level. Today people feel proud of their mother tongue, people feel proud of their mother tongue.

Various programs are organized in schools, colleges and other educational institutions on the occasion of Hindi Day. Also literary activities are organized. Its purpose is to make people aware of their mother tongue and to give a new identity to Hindi at the international level. So that every person can understand the importance of Hindi language and become aware about his mother tongue.

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