According to IMD, February was the hottest month on record for India since 1901

IMD data
February was the hottest month on record

According to the India Meteorological Department, February was the warmest month in the previous 122 years (since 1901), with average maximum temperatures 1.73 degrees above normal and average lowest temperatures 0.81 degrees above normal.

According to the IMD, most of north and northwest India and adjacent central India witnessed above average maximum temperatures in February.

"Southern peninsular India experienced maximum temperatures that were below average. Over northwest, central, and northeast India, it could be fairly predicted that the maximum temperature would be above normal.

"Most of the nation experienced below-average minimum temperatures, with the exception of some areas over north and northeast India where above-average temperatures were recorded The lowest temperature was recorded. According to comparison, the majority of the country's temperature could be anticipated with reasonable accuracy.

According to the Weather Department, most of northeast India, east and central India, and some areas of northwest India are expected to experience above-normal maximum temperatures during the upcoming hot weather season (March to May).

In the rest of the country, normal to below-normal maximum temperatures are most probable. In most of the country, except for peninsular India, where normal to below normal maximum temperatures are expected, March, otherwise known as spring and a transitional month to summer, is likely to record above normal temperatures, the report said.

Central India is more likely to experience hot waves than other parts of the country late March. "With the exception of south peninsular India, where normal to below normal minimum temperatures are more likely, the majority of India is expected to experience above normal minimum temperatures in March. The likelihood of typical rainfall across the nation (83–117% of the long-term average) is high "IMD stated.

"Over the majority of northwest India, west central India, and some regions of east and northeast India, below average rainfall is most likely to occur. Rainfall in most of peninsular India, east central India, and a few isolated areas of northeast India is expected to be normal to above normal "It added.

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