Akshay Kumar Says He'll Give Up His Canadian Passport Because 'India Is Everything To Me'

Akshay Kumar said 'India Is Everything To Me'

Akshay Kumar's Canadian citizenship has been a source of contention for many years, and the actor has been chastised numerous times for it.

During the Selfiee promotion, Akshay revealed that he will renounce his Canadian passport and has already applied for a passport change.

Akshay told Aaj Tak that he feels bad when people make comments about his Canadian passport without knowing why.

He stated, "To me, India is everything... Everything I've earned and gained has come from here. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to give back. When people say things without knowing anything, you feel bad."

Meanwhile, Akshay revealed the reason for getting a Canadian passport, saying, "'Bhai, my films aren't working, and one has to work,' I reasoned. I went there on business. My friend was in Canada and invited me to come here. I applied and was accepted."

"I only had two films left to release, and it was pure luck that they both became box office smashes. 'Go back, start working again,' said my friend. I got some more films and continued to get work. I had forgotten I had a passport. I never thought I'd need to change my passport, but now I've applied to have it changed, and once I get the renounced status from Canada "He went on to say.

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