Although IT gains 3.61%, Bitcoin is unable to overcome resistance levels

Although IT gains 3.61%

The cryptocurrency with the greatest market capitalization, Bitcoin, had a climb of 3.61% and was trading at $25,062.33 as of February 20. Ethereum was up 3.13% and trading at around $1,725.61 at the same time.

Investors and traders are closely monitoring the most recent price changes of Bitcoin since the most popular cryptocurrency in the world is still trading within a narrow range. Looking at the one-hour chart, it is clear that Bitcoin has been trading above the 200-day moving average recently, pointing to promising futures for bullish investors because then.

The following significant cryptocurrencies are trading as of 9 am on February 20, 2023:

Bitcoin: $25,145.55 at +2.11%

Ethereum: $1,724.68 at +1.35%

Tether: $1.02 at -0.00%

USD Coin: $1.00 USD at -0.03%

BNB: $319.79 at +0.01%

XRP: $0.4008 at +2.00%

Dogecoin: $0.0897 at +0.92%

Cardano: $0.408649 at +0.97%

Polygon: $1.51 at +0.33%

Polkadot: $7.59 at -0.07%

Tron: $0.0897 at +0.92%

Litecoin:$98.06 at -1.55%

Shibu Inu: $0.00001373 at +1.13%

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