Budget 2023: After the havoc of Corona, 5 biggest expectations from the budget in the health sector, tax exemption can be available on health checkup

Budget 2023
Budget 2023

The budget session of Parliament is starting from 31 January. The session will begin with the address by President Draupadi Murmu to the joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the Central Hall of Parliament. This will be President Murmu's first address to both Houses of Parliament after assuming the top post in August last year. After Corona, the health sector budget which will get the most attention will be special. Let’s know

Expectations from the health sector government

Taking a big step in 2022, the government started AB-PMJAY i.e. Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Under this, health insurance of senior citizens has to be done. But even after this, a big health coverage program is needed today.

Ensuring Health Care Infrastructure Fund

Startups have also taken place in this sector in the recent past. In such a situation, the government has set up funds and schemes for the infrastructure development of micro, small-medium enterprises and medical device parks. Although new medical colleges have opened in the private sector in the last few years, but still the private sector has been limited for this. However, there is a need that the central and state governments have to support health care under low cost capital. It is necessary for everyone to participate in the PPP project. The government will have to take steps like gap funding, subsidy for health equipment and providing land for hospital clinics at concessional rates. The government can also create a health care fund. 
Tax exemption for healthcare 
It is necessary for the government to make provision for tax exemption for the skilling of healthcare in the health sector and for its development. Income Tax Act 2013 – Government will have to think about giving these exemptions under section 35ccd. At present, under this law, 150 percent deduction is allowed on the land or building given for training to the company doing construction in business income calculation. 6 months training should also be made mandatory for the employees. After this, they will have to make arrangements to provide full time employment. To increase this kind of profitable facility, it is necessary that the government has to make this law more flexible.

Tax exemption on preventive health checkup

Government should give tax exemption on preventive health checkup. The government should reduce the health checkup deduction for a family from Rs 5000 to Rs 15 thousand in the 2023 budget, so that citizens can benefit from it.

Promote digitization

The government needs to focus on the digitization of the health sector. Due to which all the work gets completed quickly and smoothly due to technology. In this, the government needs to create an ecosystem. In this, telemedicine, virtual care solutions, referral management systems, personal health records or electronic health records can be promoted. Since the Corona epidemic, there has been a demand to increase such health services. With this, a better and world-class medical health care sector can be created.

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