Kiara Advani is the new face of Stayfree Secure, spearheading an empowering campaign

Kiara Advani is the new face of Stayfree Secure

Stayfree, one of India's leading brands in women's menstrual hygiene, today announced Kiara Advani as its brand ambassador and the face of its latest campaign for Stayfree Secure XL pads.

Kiara Advani embodies the brand's ethos and principles, as well as modern Indian women.

Kiara Advani is the new face of Stayfree Secure, spearheading an empowering campaign.

Kiara represents the hustle and can-do spirit of women entrepreneurs who are confident with ambitions and need day-long protection and comfort in DDB Mudra's latest marketing campaign for Stayfree Secure XL, making Stayfree Secure XL with its 12 hours leakage protection her preferred choice.

Commenting on her association with Stayfree, Kiara Advani said, "Modern women today are unstoppable and I truly believe nothing could bog down the spirit, determination, and courage of today's woman. I am honored to be the new face of Stayfree and to represent this iconic brand, which strives to help millions of young girls and women achieve their goals while removing the fear, shame, and discomfort associated with menstruation.

Stayfree Secure XL provides comfort and long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours, allowing women to live their lives to the fullest without letting anything stand in the way of their dreams. I am honored to be a part of this empowering campaign that celebrates young women's determination.'

'Stayfree has always celebrated the spirit and strength of young women,' said Manoj Gadgil, Vice President, Marketing and Essential Health BU Head, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, of the new campaign. Stayfree XL's latest campaign, 'Din tumhare saath chalega,' empowers women to fulfil their dreams and aspirations by living life on their terms, so their day marches to the beat of their own drummer.

We are thrilled to welcome Kiara Advani to the Stayfree family. She exemplifies the aspirational young women of today. We hope to accelerate the brand's mission of empowering women to seize every moment, pursue their dreams, and not miss out on any opportunity, even during their periods, through our collaboration with Kiara Advani.'

'We've all heard the adage - too much to do, too little time,' said Rahul Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group. There is no generation that has felt it more than today's youth. Stayfree believes that every woman should have complete control over her time and what she does with it. Even when she's having her period. Kiara is the ideal person to deliver this message. She, too, does it all and is someone whom young girls look up to.'

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