Dentist Doctor Tips: Risk of tooth infection in changing weather, learn tips from the doctor to avoid it

Risk of tooth infection in changing weather
Many people have to deal with the problem of toothache in cold weather. Water remains cold in winter, but we eat and drink many things hot, including tea and coffee. Because of this, there is pain in the teeth while rinsing or drinking even with normal water. This is a sign of weak teeth. This means that the cells that hold the teeth together are weakening. Strong teeth are most important for a healthy body, our food and drink have a direct effect on our teeth in winter. Lack of proper care causes problems related to teeth. Learn tips from Dr. Prashant Tripathi, senior dental surgeon of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, by adopting which you can take care of your teeth. 
Risk of tooth infection in winter 
Pus can be caused by bacterial infection in the teeth. If proper care is not taken, the teeth can also be damaged forever. The effect of harsh winter is also on the teeth. In this season, the protective shield enamel is removed from the teeth. This is a layer on top of the teeth that is removed. There can be many reasons for the removal of the layer of enamel, such as worm in the tooth, tooth wear, brushing in the wrong way, gums are weak. As a result, eating anything hot and drinking cold water in the winter season causes pain in the teeth. Sometimes this pain becomes unbearable. 

Acidity problem will go away

Digestive problems and acidity are also a major reason for feeling cold and hot in the teeth. When there is acidity, the acid present in the stomach comes in the mouth in the form of sour water. Due to this, the calcium layer on top of the teeth comes in contact with the acid, this layer starts melting. Because of this the teeth become weak and cause rustling by eating and drinking cold or hot.

Ways to prevent tooth decay in winter

Avoid drinking cold water. Due to the low temperature, even normal water feels very cold. That's why drink lukewarm water. Do not eat too hot food. Brush at least twice a day. Pay attention to the way you brush. This can also be the cause of toothache. Make sure to brush for at least three minutes. As far as possible, brush your teeth after eating sweets. Choose a soft brush. The teeth start to wear down due to the stiff bristles. Digest by drinking hot tea or milk. Along with tea-coffee, stop the consumption of cigarettes, tobacco and other intoxicants. If the same problem persists, then meet the expert and according to his advice, massage the teeth and gums with a special type of paste. 

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