Elon Musk Introduces the World To Twitter's New "Watchdog" CEO

Twitter's New "Watchdog" CEO

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, performed a significant survey on the microblogging platform less than two months ago. He was interested in the general consensus over whether he should keep his position as the company's CEO or step down from it.

Through the vote, Musk received more than 10 million requests to step down. Even though he waited until after the poll results were announced to comment on them, later reports claimed that he was actively looking for someone to take over as CEO of Twitter. The millionaire unveiled his replacement today: Floki, his fuzzy pal.

The volatile business tycoon declared that a new Twitter CEO had been located with a photograph. He shared a photo of his Shiba Inu, Floki, dressed in a sweatshirt with the words CEO scrawled over it. Behind a desk, Floki may be seen perched on a chair. Behind the dog, there is a sizable piece of fabric with a skyline pattern on it to suggest an office setting.

On the desk, there is a piece of paper with Floki's name, title, and signature (a pawprint, of course). A tiny fake laptop bearing the Twitter logo is also present. In this photo, Floki appears content and hard at work. Even Musk praised the wonderful new CEO of Twitter.

Musk said, "So much better than the other person!" in the Twitter thread. It's unknown to whom he is making this allusion. Is it Elon Musk, the (now-former) CEO of Twitter, or Parag Agrawal, who oversaw the social media business before to the takeover last year? Someone else who was also being considered for the position might have been it.

However, the response to this tweet was not as alarming. They were occupied thinking of punny lines. I picture him as a watchdog and "Yea, I think he can handle the Ruff days" appeared in the responses area. "Must've been an offer he couldn't ruff-fuse," one person said.

Musk also shared additional pictures of Floki in various poses. One shows a Shiba Inu with a collared shirt, a tie, and spectacles who appears to be working on some papers. Regarding this image, Musk stated, "he's amazing with numbers."

Elon Musk certainly appears to be enjoying himself with the solution he came up with to the problem that emerged when the poll did not go in his favour.

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