After working on "TKSS," Kapil Sharma Explains Why He Remains Quiet At Home With His Wife, Ginni Chatrath

Kapil Sharma Explains Why He Remains Quiet At Home

The Kapil Sharma Show, a well-liked celebrity-comedy programme, is one of the most watched programmes in India. On the most recent episode, Kapil Sharma invited Sweta Singh, Chitra Tripathi, and Anjana Om Kashyap, three well-known news anchors.

All three of the anchors discussed the difficulties they frequently encounter when reporting a subject throughout the course of the broadcast.

Anjana Om Kashyap, who anchors and reports for the show, said in a segment that she wants to avoid conversation when she gets home after working all day. The anchor acknowledged that she finds chatting on the job to be really exhausting. After I leave the studio, I frequently remain silent and don't feel like like speaking" As soon as she shed some light on this aspect of her personal and professional lives, the show's host, Kapil Sharma, revealed that the same thing always occurs to him once he returns home from spending long hours on The Kapil Sharma Show.

The comic acknowledged that his wife Ginni Chatrath frequently complains when he keeps quiet at home. She continued by saying she doesn't comprehend the motivation. Yet, the devoted husband claimed that while wanting to speak with her, he prefers to keep quiet for a while after entering his home after speaking for hours on the show. While he thought about it, Kapil remarked: "Indeed, you do not feel like speaking after rambling There's a lot on the show. Please tell my wife if you can; otherwise, she usually complains and doesn't get it. She always asks me why I don't talk to her when I get home; however, the reason is not that I don't want to; rather, I simply need to be quiet for a bit.

The legendary comedian Kapil Sharma and his wife Ginni Chatrath never miss an opportunity to woo onlookers with their passionate chemistry. Ginni and Kapil are idolised by millions of people across the country for everything they do, including writing sweet letters to one another on their birthdays and anniversaries and always being the loudest supporters of one another. For instance, Kapil uploaded two images to his Instagram account on December 15, 2022 handle, which made him appear incredibly dashing. The comedian wore a white T-shirt with a dark-gray jacket over top and black pants below.

His stylish sunglasses and neatly maintained beard, however, caught many people's attention. The caption Kapil Sharma wrote for the photos reveals that his wife Ginni Chatrath groomed his sharp appearance. Everyone was in awe of the gorgeous couple after hearing their sweet revelation.

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