Did Hansika Motwani's mother inject her with hormones to accelerate her growth? Actors' responded

Hansika Motwani's mother inject her with hormones?

A new docuseries on Hansika Motwani's marriage to Sohael Khaturiya, titled Love Shaadi Drama, is now generating news.

Last December, the couple exchanged vows. Hansika Motwani addressed previous rumours that her mother had given her hormone injections in the most recent episode of her show. The actress and her mother publicly discussed the irrational rumours.

Hansika Motwani started her acting career as a child. She first appeared in Koi Mil Gaya and later Shaka Laka Boom Boom. Others were shocked by how quickly she had matured, and some even charged her mother with injecting her with hormones to hasten her growth. On her programme, Hansika addressed the issue, saying, "There is a price that comes with being a celebrity. When I was 21 years old, they wrote such shit, you know what I mean. I'm capable of taking it now if I could have taken it then. It's nothing, this time. Everyone stated that I had taken injections to help me mature." She said, "Many believed that my mother gave me injections, hormone injections to develop up as a lady, when I was eight, then I became an actress."

Her mom continued, "If it's true, I must be wealthier than Tata and Birla. If such were the case, I would have spoken the phrase "Tum bhi aao, aa kar apni haddi baddi karvao" (You also come to me and help yourself grow taller). Those who write this, Unke pass dimaag naam ki cheez nahi hoti hai kya (Don't they have common sense), is what surprises me. Our daughters grow rapidly between the ages of 12 and 16; we are a Punjabi family."


After it was discovered that Hansika Motwani had attended Sohael Khaturiya and Rinky's wedding in 2014, she received trolling. The actress from Power has now responded to the same. She played no role in their breakup in the opening scene of Love Shaadi Drama. "Just because I was friends with them at the time doesn't make it my fault. I'm not involved with this at all. I was a public figure, so it was simple for people to blame me for everything. This was the price I had to pay for my fame, she remarked.

"The fact that I was previously married came out and it came out in a bad light," Sohael, who was in support of Hansika, stated. It was implied that Hansika was to blame for the separation, which is completely false and unfounded. 2014 marked the year of my first marriage, which was only short-lived. But, this rumour began simply because we are acquaintances and someone noticed photos of her attending my wedding.


On the work front, Hansika is going through a busy time. Maha, her 50th movie, debuted in theatres last year. The thriller's director, UR Jameel, looked at a child's relationship with her mother. She is eagerly anticipating the premiere of the web series MY3, in which she plays a robot. Mugen Rao, Shanthanu, and Ashna Zaveri play prominent parts in the production, which is directed by M Rajesh. Moreover, Hansika will appear in Partner and My Name Is Shruthi.

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