Internet users React to Alia Bhatt's Post-Pregnancy Body Change by Declaring, "Choti Bacchi Lag Rahi Hai"

Alia Bhatt's Post-Pregnancy Body Change

Actress Alia Bhatt from Bollywood is in the best time of her life right now.

She and her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, are thoroughly loving the experience of being parents. Raha Kapoor, the couple's first child, was born on November 6, 2022, according to the unversed. They have since been living a happy life with their little one. But after giving birth to Raha, Alia's body underwent changes similar to those of all other women. But now that the diva is back in shape, internet users are swooning over her physical metamorphosis.

A few hours ago, we came upon a video of Alia Bhatt while perusing our Instagram account. The video shows us as she was seen visiting a dubbing studio in her athleisure wear, the new mother could be seen posing for the cameras. But what really attracted our notice was Alia's incredible physique transformation just three and a half months after Raha was born.

Alia appeared to be in excellent shape, and online users couldn't help but congratulate her on her new body. Several even questioned how Alia managed to be back in such good form so quickly. In addition, internet users responded to the message in droves in the comment section. While some referred to her as "Choti bacchi," many named her a "Santoor Mama." "None can say she became a mother a few months ago," one of her fans said. One more social network "Phir se bachchi ban gayi after becoming a mother," a person said. Someone else wrote, "That's crazy. Her infant isn't even 4 months old. So in just four months, she changed her appearance to resemble Shanaya once more? KUDOS."

Alia has always been outspoken about being a mother and the physical and psychological changes it brought about. For instance, on January 11, 2023, Alia uploaded a picture note about parenthood on her Instagram stories. The inexperienced mother even talked openly about the physical alterations Raha's birth caused in her body. Speaking about the same, the actress said that while being a mother had altered her outward look, her heart had expanded.

Since Alia brought her daughter into the world, she has not missed an appointment I had the chance to be with her. But in addition to being a devoted mother, the actress has prioritised her own needs. For example, on December 24, 2022, Alia posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account showcasing her postpartum fitness journey. The image showed the new mother performing a namaste sign while hanging upside-down in the air with the aid of a yellow-hued fabric. Alia sent a lengthy comment with the photo that discussed body positivity and described her postpartum experience.

Alia Bhatt announced the birth of her child on her Instagram account on November 6, 2022. She sent a sweet note to spread the good news. It was possible to glimpse a Cute lion family with its little youngster. Along with that, the excited anticipation of having their "wonderful" baby girl was expressed by the newlywed parents.

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