Sona Mohapatra takes to Twitter to criticize Shehnaaz Gill: 'Aside from lowbrow reality TV, I'm not sure what her talent is.'

Sona Shehnaaz
Sona Mohapatra takes to Twitter to criticize Shehnaaz Gil

Sona Mohapatra appears to be upset with Shehnaaz Gill for supporting MeToo accuser Sajid Khan.

On Sunday, she tweeted about Shehnaaz, raising questions about her talent and why she receives so much attention on Twitter. (At a Mumbai event, Shehnaaz Gill postpones his performance for Azaan.)

Sona appeared to be reacting to a video of Shehnaaz stopping her singing performance at an event as the azaan began to play in the background. Sona remarked that it reminded her of Shehnaaz's support for Sajid Khan when he joined Bigg Boss 16. "All of the praise for #ShehnaazGiII's'respect' act today reminded me of her'support,"reverence,' and 'glorification' of a multiple accused sex offender & pervert #SajjidKhan when he was platformed on National TV. I wish she had more regard for her sisterhood. #MeToo, "She penned a letter.

When asked why Sona was only targeting Shehnaaz for her support of Sajid and not the others, she said, "Dear trolls attempting to defend yet another starlet like Jacqueline (Fernandez), I'm not sure what Shehnaz's special talent is right now, aside from low-brow reality tv fame. But I am familiar with the tactics of women of convenience, who take shortcuts in the fight for a role/money."

Sona's tweets irritated a Shehnaaz fan. "Sona, I wish you had some logic to point out those ppl who have actually been supporting him, respecting him, uske pair Choo rahey hai, hugging him," they wrote. Why can't you point out those ID10T5? Why not give them a name? You can say whatever you want because Sana is a soft target in the industry. Colors invited Sana to participate in BB16. Aap unki peechey jaye #SajidKhan ki izzat kar rahey hai khule aam (Go after those who have been praising Sajid openly). Why don't you challenge ColorsTV, Endemol, the other Khans, and the other BB16 contestants who are backing him? Do you have the courage? "I dare you to tag them all." "It was channel and Endemol's fault for inviting him to the show," wrote another. Not Shehaaz, who simply wishes him the best.."

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