Sreejita De Discusses Her Relationship With Tina Datta Following Bigg Boss 16; Says 'We Can Never Be Friends'

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Sreejita De Discusses Her Relationship With Tina Datta Following Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16 was synonymous with endless brawls and squabbles. Among these, Tina Datta and Sreejita De's feud drew a lot of attention.

The Uttaran co-stars have been at odds since the beginning and are frequently seen on the popular reality show taking jabs at each other. Even though the popular reality show has ended, Tina and Sreejita do not appear to have reconciled their differences. Sreejita recently opened up about her friendship with Tina after Bigg Boss 16 and stated that she will never be friends with the latter.

Tina Datta and Sreejita De are in a relationship.

Sreejita told ETimes TV that there is no bond between them. "I'd say zero if there were no negatives or positives. In life, you meet people whose energies and perspectives are diametrically opposed to yours. We spent the last ten years trying to figure it out, and I finally realized it would never work. We will never be friends. It is preferable to take a step back "She went on to say. Tina was also wished well in her future by the actress.

Sreejita De and Tina Datta's mothers are no longer friends.

Sreejita also revealed that her mother is not friends with Tina's mother and that it is their personal decision. "I've realized they're not on speaking terms. They used to be friends, but I can't say they are anymore. But it is their choice, and if they want to be friends in the future, they should "She was reported to have said.

Archana Gautam's Biggest Secret

Sreejita is currently enjoying her time with Archana Gautam, who is staying with her while looking for a house in Mumbai, and the ladies are having a great time together. The actress also revealed that, contrary to what she portrayed on Bigg Boss 16, Archana dislikes cooking. "By cooking delicious food, she hoped to win Bigg Boss' heart," Sreejita explained.

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