The Mrs. Chatterjee VS. Norway trailer is compared with Black by Rani Mukerji

Rani Chatarji
The Mrs. Chatterjee VS. Norway trailer

Rani Mukerji, who will next be featured in Mrs. Chatterjee VS. Norway, discussed the similar kind of acclaim she received when her film Black (2005) was released 18 years ago.

The latest release of the trailer for Mrs. Chatterjee VS Norway depicts a mother's fight against an organized racket in Norway that kidnaps kids and gives them to foster parents in exchange for cash.

Mukerji expressed his shock at the responses, saying: "To put it mildly, the responses to the trailer have been too unique and overpowering. I'm deeply moved by the outpouring of support from people all over the world, including my fans, those who have seen the trailer on social media, as well as colleagues from my own industry, friends, and family."

She continued, "This is perhaps the first time in my entire career that I have seen this much adoration and passion for my work! This occurred last that I can recall during Black! Rarely do we witness such unanimity in response to a trailer. Again, this has never happened before, yet you can see people getting emotional and crying after watching a movie teaser."

The actress believes that a mother's struggle may be related to, and that this has contributed significantly to the trailer's popularity. "Perhaps they are connecting to the mother's powerlessness and are becoming enraged by the unfairness," she continued. It's the first time I've ever seen these types of responses. They find it strange that it is a true story.

"I'm really glad and optimistic that if the trailer can affect them in this way, they will undoubtedly be impacted by Debika's cathartic journey in the movie. So I'm crossing my fingers that the movie opens in theatres on March 17. It needs all the affection from everyone, so I hope and pray that a wide audience would see it "Added she.

Ashima Chibber is the director of the movie, which is being released in theatres on March 17 and is being produced by Zee Studios and Emmay Entertainment.

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