Urfi Javed again takes risks and ups the sex factor in a light blue lingerie set

Urfi Javed again takes risks and ups the sex factor

Internet star Urfi Javed is an actress who is well-known for her eccentric yet self-assured wardrobe choices.

She has done it all—from constructing a dress out of trash to concealing her modesty with smartphones, wires, and even champagne glasses—and has been incredibly vocal and proud of her decisions. In the most recent video, Urfi displayed her gorgeous and sensual avatar while donning a blue, see-through lingerie set. She captioned the photo, "Woke up like this.

But, Urfi received yet another internet spoof for her choice in attire. Why do you descend to such low levels? There are those who, despite everything else esteem both you and your sense of style. So why sink to these levels? a user asked. Another user wrote, "Ke pagal ho chuki hai."

Urfi Javed is renowned for creating her own clothing from practically anything.

Urfi Javed and BJP legislator Chitra Wagh recently got into a fight after the latter reported her to the police for encouraging nudity. Urfi retaliated, stating that if she is correct, she is prepared to go to jail. "I'm willing to go to jail right now if you reveal your and your family members' assets; I don't even want a trial or that garbage. Inform the public about a politician's earnings and sources. Occasionally, several males in your group have I've never been accused of harassing someone. I began the new year with yet another police complaint from yet another politician," Urfi posted on her Instagram stories.

On the professional front, she rose to fame after appearing in Bigg Boss OTT season 1 last year. Urfi Javed, a contestant on "Bigg Boss OTT," is presently dominating Splitsvilla X4.

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