Valentines Week 2023: Valentine's Day is completely banned in these 6 countries, celebrating it leads to jail!

Valentines Week 2023

February is considered a month of love because Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great fanfare in other countries including India, but there is six countries where Valentine's Day is completely banned. Also, if you are caught celebrating Valentine by fraud, then you can also be punished for this. So let's know about those countries where it is prohibited


First of all, let's talk about Pakistan where no boy or girl can celebrate Valentine's Day. The Pakistani High Court says that celebrating Valentine's Day is against Islamic teachings, so there is a ban on celebrating it.


Iran comes on the second number. Celebrating Valentine's Day is completely banned in this country too. Being an Islamic country, religious clerics do not allow romantic love celebrations here.


In the year 2012, Uzbekistan issued a decree banning Valentine's Day, on this day instead of Valentine's Day, people celebrate the birthday of their country's hero Babur.


There is no such law on celebrating Valentine's Day in Indonesia, but in some areas here, people with radical views have imposed small restrictions.

Saudi Arab

And now let's talk about the ban on celebrating Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia. Also, if you are caught celebrating here, you are arrested and punished.


In Malaysia, Muslims were banned from celebrating Valentine's Day in the year 2005, after which these people do not celebrate Valentine's Day. Not only this, it is forbidden to roam outside on this day.

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