If terrorism is a nation's primary business, it will never be able to overcome adversity: Jaishankar on Pakistan's economic crisis

S jaishankar
Jaishankar on Pakistan's economic crisis

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar stated on Thursday that no country can escape a difficult situation "if its fundamental industry is terrorism" as Pakistan's economy continues to be in crisis.

The truth of this particular relationship (India-Pakistan) is that it has a fundamental problem, which we cannot and must not avoid, Jaishankar said on Thursday at the annual Asia Economic Dialogue hosted by the external affairs ministry in Pune. And that problem is terrorism because once you begin to act in this way, that..." We cannot ignore the very basic issues that exist in that relationship. A nation must also address its political problems in addition to its fiscal ones. A nation must also address its societal problems. If terrorism is a nation's main industry, it will never be able to overcome hardship and rise to power, he continued.

Notably, Pakistan's economy is in shambles, and the nation is conducting virtual negotiations to reach the staff-level agreement on the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP).

Additionally, he said that it is not in anyone's best interest for any country, much less a neighbouring country, to experience severe fiscal hardship. However, if a country experiences severe economic issues, that country must make political and administrative decisions to recover not in it.

"Asia's importance or position will undoubtedly grow. Asia is expanding as a result of its globalisation, but we shouldn't buy into the rhetoric that says "Asia for Asians" because it plays into racial chauvinism. Actually, it has a strong strategic purpose "During his remarks to the news conference, Jaishankar.

At the event, Jaishankar also discussed India's G20 Presidency, the "Neighborhood First" policy, and the state of the globe.

One of the three major issues that would be at the top of my mind, if I had to choose, would be our neighbourhood, partially because the three of us live there, said Jaishankar.

Lyonpo Namgay Tshering, the Finance Minister of Bhutan, spoke with Ibrahim during the Dialogue's inaugural session Ameer, the Maldives' minister of finance.

The Asia Economic Dialogue (AED), co-hosted with Pune International Centre, is the Ministry's yearly premier geoeconomics event.

The 7th AED will take place in Pune from February 23–25, 2023. Asia and the Emerging World Order is the dialogue's main topic. According to the Ministry of External Affairs news release, the dialogue will also cover topics like global growth prospects, how the global south will influence the G20 agenda, the metaverse: understanding the future, and achieving climate targets: the next steps.

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