India IT Employees' Work Visa Applications Will Be Easier In Germany | Details Here

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Work Visa Applications Will Be Easier In Germany

As the nation struggles with a shortage of skilled labor, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated on Sunday that his administration wants to make it simpler for information technology specialists from India to obtain work visas in Germany.

The legal environment needs to be improved, according to Scholz, for Germany to become more appealing to software developers and people with IT development abilities.

During a visit to Bengaluru, India's high-tech center, he told reporters, "We want to make the issuing of visas simpler." Along with modernizing the law, Scholz added, "we also want to modernize the complete bureaucratic process."

When asked about employees who do not understand the language, they He said it shouldn't be viewed as a barrier if people come to Germany speaking English first and subsequently learn German.

Following a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday to discuss the effects of the conflict in Ukraine, Scholz was speaking on the second day of his visit to India.

The German leader invited Modi to a summit of the Group of Seven major industrialized countries that he held in Bavaria last year and stated that he supports India attending this year's gathering in Japan as well.

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