Vandalism of temples in Australia is "Deeply Disturbing" and "Growing Pro-Khalistani Activities," according to India

Vandalism of temples in Australia

On Thursday, the Indian High Commission in Australia denounced the episodes of Hindu temple vandalism, calling them "very troubling" and "alarming."

The Indian-Australian community is peacefully multifaith and multicultural, but the High Commission described the acts as an obvious attempt to create animosity and divide among them.

The declaration comes days after anti-India graffiti was allegedly daubed on a third Hindu temple in Victoria, Australia, by "Khalistani followers" on Monday. Similar vandalism occurred on January 16 at the revered Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

The Swaminarayan temple in Melbourne was vandalised on January 12 by 'anti-social elements,' who wrote anti-Indian graffiti.

"The regularity and seeming impunity with which the vandals appear to be acting, as well as the graffiti that glorifies anti-Indian terrorists, are concerning. These acts are blatant attempts to create discord and hatred among the peaceful Indian-Australian community, which is multifaith and multicultural "On Thursday, the High Commission released a statement.

Additionally, it said that the bombings are a proof that Australian pro-Khalistan forces are stepping up their activities and receiving support from foreign organisations.

The statement added that there are "signals that pro-Khalistan individuals are ratcheting up their activities in Australia, actively helped and assisted by members of proscribed terrorist organisations such as the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) and other hostile agencies from outside Australia."

Additionally, the High Commission stated Their worries have been expressed to the Australian government, and they are hoping that the offenders will be prosecuted.

They added that the Australian Government has been informed of their concerns regarding the phoney referendum declared by Sikhs for Justice for Melbourne and Sydney.

The statement continued, "It has been made clear to the Australian Government that it must ensure the safety and security of members of the Indian community and their properties in Australia, and that it must not permit the use of Australian territory for activities harmful to the territorial integrity, security, and national interest

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