Vladimir Putin Terminally Ill With Cancer Will Die Soon, Says Ukraine's Military Intelligence Head

Vladimir Putin

Ukraine’s Military intelligence head Kyrylo Budanov has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is terminally ill and will die soon. Without furnishing substantiation, Budanov said he knows the Russian oppressor’s death" is imminent due to an ongoing illness from cancer".

Budanov didn't just stop there and also contended that after Putin’s death, the transfer of power will see one of Russia’s cronies taking over. Budanov is the Main Intelligence Director of the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine. Budanov's claims, though unwarranted, came during an interview with ABC News while agitating about the ongoing war in Ukraine and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin's health.

The discussion around Putin’s health started when the interviewer, Britt Clennett, asked Budanov if the Russian leader was terminally ill. Responding to his question, Ukraine’s asset head said," Of course. He's ill for long period”. Upon being asked if Putin is will die soon, Budanov answered in the affirmative byword," I suppose veritably presto. I hope". This is hardly the first time that rumors of Putin’s death have been in the news.

The septuagenarian strong man of the world’s largest country, by land area, is supposedly suffering from several affections, including- cancer and Parkinson’s complaint among others." We suppose it's cancer," Budanov said, adding that" Ukraine’s intelligence knows it from mortal sources that are close to Putin". Budanov was also asked what he allowed would be after Putin's death. He was asked if someone from within the Kremlin would take over and if the war in Ukraine continues.

In response, Budanov said that there would in fact be a transfer of power and suggested that the coming Russian leader would be one of" Putin’s cronies"." This war should be ended ahead (Putin) is dying," Budanov added.

A Telegram channel, General SVR, which claims to have several of the Kremlin’s bigwig sources, had lately said that Putin’s croakers have noted “a significant deterioration in his health and recommended that he step down from any public appearances” to rest. The Telegram channel also claimed that Putin is prone to frequent bouts of dizziness and headaches, as well as clouding of knowledge.

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