After meeting PM Modi, TUV NORD Chairman Dirk Stenkamp said, "India at forefront of leading countries with increased self-confidence"

TUV NORD Chairman Dirk Stenkamp said, "India at forefront of leading countries with increased self-confidence"

NORD TUV Dirk Stenkamp, the chairman of the management board, stated on Saturday that India is among the top-ranking countries with rising self-confidence.

German CEOs met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday to discuss new possibilities for the German companies to increase business and educational opportunities in India as part of the "Make in India" initiative.

TUV NORD Chairman of the Management Board Dirk Stenkamp told ANI that the company has greatly expanded and has a very effective joint venture with an Indian family.

Stenkamp stated, "The discussion with the Prime Minister" in reference to the event was very remarkable, I believe India to be one of the world's leading countries, and the last two years have seen a rise in self-confidence.

He continued, "I believe India is at the stage where it really starts to take off."

Speaking about the "Make in India" programme, he said, "We're assisting many German businesses to come to India and start producing there. I've known about Make in India since the beginning. There is currently a campaign in German Mittelstand inviting companies from India to join Make in India.

He revealed that a campaign asking German small and medium-sized businesses to visit India and join the make-in-India effort is currently in progress. He claimed that there are a tonne of chances for growth and expansion in India.

We are very involved in the energy transition, which entails converting to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, he continued.

He added that because India has become a hotspot, especially for green and renewable energy, they educate people there and invite people from Germany to study there.

For more than 30 years, TUV NORD has operated independently in India. It currently employs more than 1000–1200 people at 37 sites throughout the country. Bombay is where TUV's headquarters are located.

In an interview with ANI, the chairman of TUV NORD stated that the company operates food laboratories, conducts product testing, certification, and other testing, and tests for 80% of the a business group from India.

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