Despite assurances that there won't be any more cutbacks, Elon Musk fires Twitter employees again: Report

Elon Musk fires Twitter employees again: Report

According to a story in The Verge, Elon Musk has fired more employees from Twitter despite promising in November 2022 that there won't be any more layoffs. The Information, a tech website, broke the news of the sales team's cutbacks last week.

Dozens of workers from the sales and engineering divisions were impacted by the third round of layoffs since November.

According to reports, Musk has given his staff a week to rework the microblogging site's ad targeting so that it resembles Google search ads, which depend on keywords rather than a user's activity and profile data. One of the fired employees, who oversaw engineering for Twitter's ad business and immediately answered to Musk, turned to social media Twitter to express his thoughts on how to make the system better.

Seven-year Twitter veteran Marcin Kadluczka tweeted that the business might be able to change the way its ads function in two or three months, but not in a week, which was Musk's deadline.

"I'm grateful, tweeps. 7 years at Twitter are over. Elon Musk for his insights and drive over the past three months to enhance Twitter and advertisements! In 1-2 months, I think Twitter's ads will significantly better (no necessarily in a week though). I wish I could be dismissed rather than just deactivated, "He composed.

Even former Twitter ads head Bruce Falck criticised Musk for his aggressive efforts to grow the company's ad business, saying the billionaire "has no idea." of the subject he is discussing. Musk responded by calling Twitter's ad relevance the "worst on Planet."

"You must be a genius, which is why Twitter has the worst marketing relevance on the planet, I apologise. On Twitter, almost no one makes any purchases, but on Instagram, almost everyone does. This is being corrected, "the CEO of Tesla stated.

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