Food prices in Pakistan are at an all-time high, with milk costing Rs 210 per litre and meat costing Rs 900 per kilogramme. Details Below

Pak Inflation
Food prices in Pakistan are at an all-time high

Islamabad: Inflation in Pakistan set a new milestone and rose to its highest point since 1975. The resultant increase in the cost of necessities has significantly hurt the average person.

Concerns are increased by the soaring milk prices, which have for the first time surpassed the Rs 200/litre barrier. According to Dawn, some retailers have raised the price of loose milk from Pak Rs 190 per litre to Pak Rs 210, and the price of live broiler chicken has climbed by Rs 30–40 per kg during the past two days, bringing the price to Rs 480–500 per kilogramme.

The live chicken was being offered between Rs 380 and 420kg in the final week of January 2023, compared to Rs 390-440kg earlier this month. The price of chicken meat has increased from Rs 620–650 per kilogramme to Rs 700–780 per kilogramme in recent days.

The price of boneless beef increased by Rs 150–200 per kg during this time, reaching a new high of Rs 1,000–1,100 per kg. Meat with bones is selling for Rs 800-850 per kg, while the price of boneless poultry meat has surpassed that of boneless veal, which is currently being offered for Rs 900-1,000 per kg.

Regarding loose milk, Waheed Gaddi, the communications coordinator for the Karachi Milk Retailers Association, asserted that "over 1,000 merchants are selling milk at an inflated rate. He continued, "Our 4,000 retail members have maintained the pricing intact at Rs 190 per litre. These are essentially stores of wholesalers/dairy producers and not our members."

Retailers will be required to charge consumers Rs 220 per litre instead of Rs 210 under the new rate calculation following a Rs 27 per litre increase in the procurement price, he added, according to Dawn. If the price increase declared by dairy farmers and wholesalers is not reversed.

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