Russia-Ukraine conflict has affected asymmetric warfare, digital resistance: Army chief

Russia Ukrain
Russia-Ukraine conflict

Indian Army chief General Manoj Pande said on Wednesday that the Russo-Ukraine conflict has affected asymmetric warfare and digital resistance, among other things.

Indian army chief General Manoj Pande also emphasized the "self-reliance" of the critical technology of the armed forces and said that national security cannot depend on "a large number of others".

Army chief said that no country wants to share its latest technology and therefore national security cannot be outsourced.

"Today's security is based on a technological advantage over the enemy. No country wants to share the latest cutting-edge technology, which means that a country's security cannot be outsourced or dependent on many others," said the army chief. said

"Independence is a critical technology and investment in R&D is a strategic imperative that can no longer be ignored. The Indian Army is aware of this reality," said the Army Chief.

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