Spy Balloon Seen Once Again in the US? After recent shootdowns of aerial objects, a large white balloon was spotted over Honolulu in Hawaii

Spy Balloon
Spy Balloon Seen Once Again in the US?

Pilots have reported spotting a huge white balloon over Honolulu, Hawaii. Just a few days prior, US authorities shot down a Chinese "spy" balloon that was headed towards the state of Hawaii.

Who the object belongs to and the danger it poses to the public are currently unknown. According to recent accounts, a big white balloon was seen flying over Honolulu, Hawaii. In recent weeks, the US military has intercepted and shot down a number of balloons. This balloon is thought to be anywhere between 40,000 and 50,000 feet in the air.

It happens only a few days after US officials alleged that a Chinese "spy" balloon that had already been shot down and was aiming towards the state of Hawaii had been blown off track. Air Traffic Control or other American authorities have not yet confirmed these accusations, though.

Many pilots claimed to have seen the item.

"Report of a big white balloon near 2639N15021W. estimated to be in the FL400–FL500 range. Unknown altitude exact. Fox News cited and tweeted an image of a pilot in the cockpit clutching a note that read, "Advise ATC if an item is observed. "

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