Taliban arrested an Afghan educator who protested against the ban on women's education

Taliban arrested an Afghan educator

Taliban arrested on Friday an Afghan professor who protested against the harsh regime of the organization, which banned women's education in the country, Al Jazeera reported.

Taliban authorities have arrested an academic in Afghanistan who tore up her diploma on live television in protest against restrictions on women's university studies in the country, her aide claimed on Friday, Al Jazeera reported.

Under the Taliban regime, the quality of life of Afghans has deteriorated dramatically, especially for women and girls. Over time, women are increasingly prohibited from participating in public space, sports, work and education.

Since August 15, 2021, the de facto authorities have banned girls from attending high school, restricted the freedom of movement of women and girls, excluded women from most occupations, and banned women from using parks, gymnasiums, and public baths.

These restrictions culminate in confining Afghan women and girls to the four walls of their homes.

Women in the country suffer the most under the Taliban's harsh Islamic rule, as the outfit has imposed many oppressive rules on women, including banning them from studying, working and traveling long distances.

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