The 2024 White House hopeful Nikki Haley declares herself a "proud daughter of Indian immigrants"

Nikki Haley declares herself a "proud daughter of Indian immigrants"

On Wednesday (local time), Nikki Haley formally announced her bid for the White House in 2024, positioning herself as a member of a "new generation" of Republican leaders who are capable of winning elections.

Haley is now the first Indian American woman to run for president in the Republican Party. The proud daughter of Indian immigrants, Haley introduced herself as the former governor of South Carolina and US ambassador to the UN as she made her appeal for a new direction for the Republican party.

My parents left India in quest of a better life, Haley stated, pointing out her parents who were present in the crowd. They located it in Bamberg, South Carolina, a town of 2,500 people. Though it wasn't always simple, our small town eventually came to adore us. The only Indian family was us. Nobody was aware of our identity, nature, or purpose. But my parents were aware. They also regularly reminded my siblings that we are fortunate to live in America, even on our toughest days, Haley continued.

In the early 1960s, Haley's parents immigrated to America from Amritsar after leaving their hometown of rural Punjab. Haley frequently discusses her Indian ancestry, and on Tuesday, she drew attention to it in a video in which she announced her candidature.

"I felt happy to be the daughter of immigrants from India. neither white nor black. In the video, she claims, "I was different. But my mother would always remind me, "Your job is to focus on the commonalities, not the differences."

Several hundred of her supporters gathered in Charleston, South Carolina, and heard Haley say, "I know America is better than all the division and distractions that we have today. "And I'm sure the American people concur. We are more than prepared for a new generation to guide us into the future and are eager to move past the outdated concepts and nomenclature of the past.

Haley refrained from criticizing former President Donald Trump directly and chose to target President Joe Biden and Washington's elite lawmakers from both parties. Haley made a not-so-subtle swipe at Trump and Biden by calling requires lawmakers over the age of 75 to undergo "mandatory mental competency examinations." Biden is 80, while Trump is 76.

She informed the audience, "America is not past our prime; it's just that our politicians are past theirs."

Trump, her former boss, declared his candidature for the Republican nomination last November, and Haley is currently the lone GOP challenger. She started working for the Trump administration in January 2017 and left her position as US ambassador to the UN at the end of 2018.

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