The sale of human organs harvested from prisoners by the Chinese government continues unchecked: Report

Sale of human organs harvested from prisoners

The sale of human organs harvested from living and illegally detained prisoners by the Chinese government continues unchecked, Voices Against Autocracy reports.

Doctors around the world, governments, and universal bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) must work to end this "inhumane and disgusting practice".

But growing corporate competition between Chinese medical facilities and the greed of Chinese authorities is now leading to the kidnapping and killing of teenagers from poor Chinese families for organ harvesting, according to a report by Voices Against Autocracy.

In their presentations, the participants noted that until the 1980s the practice was limited to "removing organs from the bodies of recently executed prisoners and prisoners of conscience". However, the practice gained momentum when Chinese President Jiang Zemin launched a nationwide crackdown on Falun Gong, a popular organization whose members believed in living a simple and healthy life through meditation, physical exercises such as yoga, and abstinence from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Gutmann, sharing details of satellite images of Uyghur detention centers and eyewitness accounts in the area, said Chinese authorities established nine new crematoria in each such camp in 2018. He said they have 50 Chinese guards.

Dr. Enver Tohti recalls his days as a doctor in Xinjiang and stated that he thinks it is normal and good that the liver and kidneys of executed people were removed to save the lives of some patients. Tohti continued: "But it wasn't until I moved to the UK that I realized it was a crime against humanity."

Dr. Tohti went on to say: "Out of about a hundred such cases presented to me, I was shocked to discover that in three such cases, the boy's stomach had incision marks and one kidney was missing."

However, Zeng managed to escape to Australia in 2001 and may have learned about the importance of organ trafficking from other fugitives. According to a report by

Voices Against Autocracy, a mother in Sichuan province sent her teenage son to throw away the trash, but he did not return for days. "Finally, her mutilated body, missing vital organs, was found a few kilometers away from home," it said.

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