Is now the appropriate moment for India to talk to Pakistan? What Javed Akhtar has to say

Javed Akhtar
What Javed Akhtar has to say?

Javed Akhtar, a lyricist, has suggested that those in positions of authority make a decision about resuming relations between India and Pakistan.

In a TV interview, Akhtar—who recently made headlines for visiting Pakistan for a literary event—was questioned about whether India and Pakistan should start dating.

He was cited by NDTV as responding, "I don't have that type of calibre" (to react to this inquiry).

"Those in positions of authority and authority know what is going on, what the issue is, and how to handle it. The Pakistan Army, the Pakistani people, and the Pakistani establishment do not agree, he said.

The relationship between India and Pakistan reached a new low after the Relationships were further strained by the Pulwama attack and the BJP government's determination to repeal Article 370.

When the interviewer questioned whether a middle ground was necessary for negotiations, the author responded, "Those in charge of the country know better. My knowledge is limited. We in India know virtually little about the people of Pakistan. The same applies to them.

The contentious lyricist travelled to Pakistan to take part in an occasion honouring Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The Faiz Foundation Trust and Lahore Arts Council are in charge of organising the three-day event, which takes place from February 17 to 19. (LAC).

The success of "Pathaan" was discussed, and Akhtar noted that people are "fed up with cancel culture" in the same interview.

"The movie must be intriguing. People must have enjoyed the movie. The fact that people were growing tired of the culture of cancelling is another aspect, though. Ban both of these movies. We live in a nation with a constitution and a board for government certification. And the board sees the movie. The movie is then released," he continued.

He expressed his joy over Shah Rukh Khan's movie's success. "I am overjoyed that the movie did so well. It is advantageous for the entire film business, not just for Shah Rukh or YRF. We were actually rather hankering for a hit. And it took place. Hence, the film business has greatly improved in terms of positivity and self-esteem," he continued. He hasn't yet seen the film, though.

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