KCR plans Delhi rally during recess of Parliament session with 7 CMs

KCR plans Delhi rally

He is reportedly working to hold a rally in the national capital with seven non-BJP MLAs during the month-long recess of Parliament's budget session from February 14 to March 12.

The CM plans to invite West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, with whom he has not held public meetings, as well as the chief ministers of Delhi, Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand. Apart from the seven CMs, Akhilesh Yadav (Samajwadi Party), H.D. National leaders of Kumaraswamy (JDS) and Left parties were invited.

The rally in the capital comes after the CM planned to hold another public meeting with the two CMs at the Parade Ground in Secunderabad on February 17 following the huge success of the BRS event in Khammam on January 18, attended by of Rao Arvind's colleagues. Kejriwal from Delhi, Bhagwant Mann from Punjab and Pinarayi Vijayan from Kerala apart from Akhilesh Yadav. The CM hopes to strengthen the opposition force by making a concerted effort to take on the Modi government at the Center in the 2024 elections.

Party sources said the CM has decided to give BRS a boost after the end of the budget session of the Telangana Legislative Assembly by expanding the activities of the party to various states. The budget session of the general assembly begins on February 3.

Meanwhile, the CM has decided to visit Nanded in Maharashtra on February 5 to initiate party activities in the state by holding meetings with leaders of farmers' unions and other organizations. Leaders of several parties in Maharashtra are expected to join the BRS in the presence of the CM.

Rao plans to focus on expanding party activities to various states in February. That is why he decided to shorten the working days of the budget session to one week. Budget sessions usually last two or three weeks. The national budget will be presented on February 3, and the session is expected to end on February 11 after just seven working days.

The CM is said to be looking forward to presenting the Union Budget on February 1 to garner support from non-BJP parties against the BJP-led government amid reports that the Center is planning to impose more curbs on borrowing. state governments to the Union budget.

States will experience borrowing restrictions imposed by the Center in 2022-2023 and there are fears that states could face a financial crisis if new restrictions are imposed. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has already expressed his displeasure over the Centre's reported move to reduce state borrowing limits in 2023-24. Rao also expressed displeasure over the restrictions imposed by the Center in 2022-23, under which Telangana suffered a loss of nearly Rs 40,000 crore.

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