MEA Releases App to Cut Police Passport Verification Time from 15 to 5 Days

MEA Releases App to Cut Police Passport Verification Time

The "mPassport Police App" was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday in an effort to speed up and reduce the time required for police to verify passport applicants.

The waiting time for police verification, which is one of the time-consuming steps in applying for a passport, will be cut to five days thanks to the app.

The software will reduce the length of the police verification process by two thirds, from the typical 15 days. Overall, the process will be streamlined and sped up.

This occurs as 350 mobile tablets were presented to members of the Delhi Police Special Branch on Thursday by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The tablets were distributed in honour of the force's Day of raising.

Now that these tools are available, police report submission and verification may be done entirely digitally.

Abhishek Dubey, the regional passport officer for Delhi, stated in a release that tablet-based verification will cut the process' duration from 15 days to 5 days, or 10 days overall, resulting in a faster turnaround for passport issuance.

"Hon'ble HM Amit Shah has dedicated 350 Mobile Tablets to staff of Spl. Branch/Delhi Police," the Delhi Police wrote on Twitter. With the use of these tablets, the entire passport application verification procedure will go digital and paperless, cutting the processing time in half to only five days.

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