Middle class a huge force to achieve dreams of 2047, govt stood with them strong;y: PM Modi on Budget 2023

Middle class a huge force to achieve dreams of 2047

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the Union Budget 2023 is for a sustainable future, further encouraging green energy and infrastructure. jobs, while increasing the opportunities for the middle class to realize the dreams of 2047.

"This budget is for a sustainable future that continues to support green energy, green growth, green infrastructure and green jobs. We are focused on technology and the new economy in the budget," PM Modi replied to the budget.

The Prime Minister said that in order to empower the middle class, the government has taken many important decisions in recent years that have ensured ease of housing.

He emphasized the reduction of tax rates and the simplification, transparency and acceleration of processes. "The government, which has always supported the middle class, has given them huge tax breaks," the prime minister said.

PM Modi also addressed the investment in the infrastructure sector and said that there is a jump of 400% compared to 2014.

"Investment in infrastructure has increased by more than 400 percent compared to 2014. An unprecedented investment of 10 million euros in infrastructure will give a new energy and momentum to India's development. This investment will create jobs for the youth and new income opportunities for the general population," he said.

"We need to replicate the success of digital payments in agriculture. We brought a big program for digital agriculture infrastructure," he said.

"Nowadays, when millet is becoming popular all over the world, the biggest profit lies in the hands of small farmers in India. Now this 'superfood' has a new identity as 'Shri Anna'. 'Shri Anna', our small farmers and our tribal brothers and sisters who through farming get financial strength," he said.

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