"Modi has taken action": For the first time, Pakistani media hails India's expanding worldwide influence

PM Modi
Modi has taken action

In a first, a prominent Pakistani newspaper, The Express Tribune, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing India to the point where the country has started to cast a wider net of its influence and impact. The newspaper also praised India's growing stature and weight on the international stage.

The Op-Ed piece in the top Pakistani newspaper continued by stating that under PM Modi, India's foreign policy had been handled deftly and that its GDP had increased to more than three trillion USD. In a piece for The Express Tribune, renowned political, security, and defence expert Shahzad Chaudhry referred to it as "monumental progress" and described India as a top travel destination for everyone investors.

The author added that under PM Modi's leadership, India has created its own space in terms of foreign policy.

According to Chaudhry's column, India also produces a lot of agricultural goods and works hard in the IT sector. He also said that despite having over 1.4 billion people, the country's political system is still generally stable, cohesive, and effective.

In his article, Shahzad Chaudhry cited facts to support his claim that India's governance system has weathered the test of time and demonstrated its tenacity in regard to the principles necessary for a steadfast democracy as far as it requires," he wrote.

Imran Khan, the former leader of Pakistan, praised India's foreign policy earlier in November, describing it as independent and free. The PTI leader claimed that even though the nation gained independence alongside Pakistan, its foreign policy has remained autonomous because India stuck by its choice to purchase oil from Russia in the face of US pressure.

"I must use India as an example. Take a look at the nation's foreign policy now that it has achieved freedom alongside us. It follows a free and autonomous foreign policy. India maintained its position and declared that they would continue to purchase oil from Russia, he stated on Saturday at a rally in Islamabad's Rawat area.

In the midst of the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, Khan praised New Delhi for purchasing Russian oil in accordance with its national interests despite pressure from the West, saying, "India and the US are QUAD allies but it has still decided to purchase oil from Russia in the interest of its citizens."

In October 2022, the PTI head praised India's foreign policy once more, stating that whereas Islamabad was a slave to the West because it was unable to make brave decisions for the welfare of its people, New Delhi was allowed to acquire oil from Russia at pleasure.

"This country's decisions must be decided within. Nobody should ask us if Russia is providing cheap oil and if I have the option to save my compatriots. Nobody ought to be able to inform us. Russia allows India to import oil, but not the enslaved Pakistanis. I wish to live in a free nation. Justice must be upheld, and people must be protected and secure "added Khan.

Khan has been accusing a US-led foreign conspiracy against him since his overthrow in April. Khan frequently praised India for resisting pressure from the West and continuing to buy Russian oil while being a "strategic friend" of the US, all the while criticising the Joe Biden administration.

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