Delhi fridge slaying: Priest says Nikki and Sahil were wed, without a family member in attendance

Priest says Nikki and Sahil were wed

Although both Nikki and Sahil claimed their families approved of the union, the priest who reportedly officiated their marriage in 2020 claimed no family members were present.

The priest who officiated their wedding has acknowledged that Nikki Yadav and Sahil Gehlot were not merely live-in partners but were married in light of recent revelations regarding their relationship. The priest, Vipin Arya, informed the news agency ANI that Nikki and Sahil were wed on October 1st, 2020. They claimed that although their families had approved the union, they had chosen not to be present. Only one or two individuals were there when they got married, according to the priest. Authorities concluded on Friday that Sahil strangled his first wife instead of killing her so he could wed another lady on February 10; some of his relatives, including his father and cousin, were informed of the murder. According to the police, Nikki and Sahil were wed in an Arya Samaj temple in 2020. But, according to Nikki's father, Nikki never let them know about the marriage. On social media, a fictitious image of Nikki and Sahil wearing wedding gowns is also trending.

Top points on how a spontaneous strangulation turns into a planned murder of the first wife

On February 10, Sahil Gehlot was detained on suspicion of killing Nikki Yadav, only hours before he married a different woman that had been picked by his family. During questioning, Sahil described to the police how he killed Nikki on February 10 between 9 and 10 am near the Nigam Bodh Ghat parking after wandering the city the night before. He killed Nikki, then drove around 40 kilometres to Najafgarh and parked the vehicle there with Nikki's body in the boot. He then proceeded to his wedding. He returned later in the evening, unloaded the body, and refrigerated it.

  • Sahil reportedly informed the police that although his parents opposed the marriage, he too wanted to wed Nikki. Nikki learned about Sahil's engagement on the evening of February 9, and the two decided to elope as well.
  • As the investigation has gone further, it has now been revealed that Sahil was married to Nikki and that Sahil's family members were aware of the union. They never gave their approval.
  • Sahil devised a plan to murder Nikki, and he enlisted the help of several of his friends and family.
  • Ashish Gelot, Sahil's father, was informed about the murder.
  • Naveen, a cousin of Sahil, a Delhi Police constable, was a third conspirator. In forming the plot, Naveen worked with Sahil.
  • All the accused—now numbering 5, including Sahil's father and cousin—planned the entire plot and kept the body in the dhaba's refrigerator, according to Ravindra Yadav, Special CP, Crime. He claimed that Sahil's father knew about the crime from the beginning.
  • According to Ravindra Yadav, Special CP, Crime, all the accused—of which there are now five, including Sahil's father and cousin—planned the entire plot and kept the body in the dhaba's refrigerator. He claimed that Sahil's father was informed about the murder right away.

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