FIR is filed after Salman Khan gets a threat via email

Salman and Bishnoi
FIR is filed threat mail

In connection with the purported Saturday threat e-mail sent to actor Salman Khan, the Mumbai police have filed a police report (FIR) against jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldy Brar, and a certain Mohit Garg.

Prashant Gunjalkar, the actor's manager and close friend, filed the charge. The threat is in reference to an interview Bishnoi recently gave from Tihar prison, in which he stated that his life's goal was to kill the actor.

The threat email was sent on Saturday afternoon to an email account used by the actors' office, according to the FIR filed by the Bandra police. The email read, "Goldy Bhai (Goldy Brar) ko BAAT krni hai Tere boss Salman se," and was sent from the address of one Mohit Garg. Interview dekh hi Liya Hoga (Lawrence Bishnoi) Bol diyo dekh lega usne shayad nhi dekha ho. Face-to-face krna ho vo bta dio, matter close krna hai to BAAT krva dio. Agli baar jhatka hi dekhne ko milega, abi time rehte notify krdiya hai.

The email also stated that the actor should get in touch with Goldy Brar, a Canadian gangster who is connected to Bishnoi. It alludes to the interview that Bishnoi gave where the gangster who was imprisoned threatened to kill him. According to the email, the actor should speak with Brar "face to face" if he wished to resolve the issue. The email also mentions "consequences" of not following the instructions.

After receiving the email, Gunjalkar went to the Bandra cops. His report led to the filing of a FIR against Bishnoi, Brar, and Garg, under whose names the email was sent. Charges of criminal intimidation and common purpose have been filed in the FIR.

According to a Bandra police officer, the government recently increased the actor's protection as a result of these threats. The Bishnoi gang has previously had him on their sights. We are looking into the situation.

The performer has previously found himself in the sights of the Bishnoi gang. A threat note was left at the Bandra Bandstand in June of last year, where the actor's father Salim Khan would go for walks. The threat note stated that the actor would also comply with as the performer Siddhu Moosewala did. In that instance, a FIR had also been filed. Last year, Moosewala was murdered by the Bishnoi group.

Since the actor was associated with a scandal for allegedly killing a black buck in 1998 while filming a movie, the Bishnoi community—which reveres blackbuck as a sacred animal—had been angry with him.

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