Great-grandson of Rajagopalachari, CR Kesavan, resigns from Congress and declares that he "concur with what Party Symbolizes"

CR Keshavan
CR Kesavan, resigns from Congress

Great-grandson of India's first Governor-General, C Rajagopalachari, and Congress leader CR Kesavan, withdrew from the party on Thursday.

Kesavan claimed in a letter to Mallikarjun Kharge, the head of the Congress, that he hasn't "seen any vestiges of the principles" that led him to join the organization and devote 20 years of his life to it.

"I can no longer state with a clear conscience that I agree with what the Party currently represents and stands for... This is the reason I recently refused to take on a national organizational responsibility and abstained from the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

He continued, "I'm resigning from the primary because it's time for me to forge a new course immediately and become a party member of the Legislature. There will be rumors that I'm attending another party, but just to be clear, I haven't talked to anyone and, to be completely honest, I have no idea what will happen after that.

Full Memorandum of Resignation from CR Kesavan

I returned to India to serve our country after leaving behind a prosperous career overseas. I joined the Congress Party in 2001, motivated by an inclusive ideology that was dedicated to the objective of gradual national change.

The following trip was interesting and challenging. I was given the chance to serve as the Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development's Deputy President [in the Rank of a State Minister] and as a member of the Prasar Bharati Board and National Council Among other things, I participate in the Indian Youth Assembly and the National Media Panel.

I sincerely appreciate the Party and Smt. Sonia Gandhi ji for all the duties they have given me over the years in the organization and the government. Here, I've developed cherished bonds that I'll keep.

But I must admit that it makes me very sad to state that for a while now, I have not noticed any traces of the ideals that motivated me to work devotedly for the Party for more than 20 years. I can no longer claim, in good conscience, that I support the current symbolism, principles, or objectives of the Party. I recently declined a national organizational duty because of this, and I also abstained from taking part in the Hindustan Jodo Pilgrimage.

I must now forge a new course, so with immediate effect, I withdraw from the Congress Party's primary membership. I have also handed in my resignation as a Trustee of the Tamilnadu Congress Committee Charitable Trust to the proper authorities.

There will be rumors that I'm attending another party, but I haven't spoken to anyone and, to be completely honest, I have no idea what will happen after that.

I will sincerely try to faithfully serve our nation through a political platform where I can continue to respect the integrity and norms of public life that were instilled and protected by the founding fathers and mothers of our great nation C. Rajagopalachari, my great-grandfather. Thank you!

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