How did India grow to be a remarkable global force? D Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, explains

How did India grow to be a remarkable global force?

S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, emphasised India's rising importance on Tuesday, calling the country "an outstanding international power."

In an interview with the news organisation ANI, he claimed, "We have been able to very clearly convey to the world that we are extraordinary international power, meaning we are prepared to do things for others, possibly more than most countries are at this point in time."

He claimed that India has succeeded in proving to the rest of the world that it is a superior global power. India's position in the world is unmistakably more stronger and higher today. Our own thinking is considerably clearer in terms of strategy and activities." "The expectation, in my opinion, is that India will have a voice, an opinion, and if necessary, more, on issues like climate change, counterterrorism, and black money. If you consider the big picture, marine security, current trade, investments in that sector, and technology, "Said he.

"If you ask me a single item that we have done in the last ten years that has impacted world opinions about India, it is 'Vaccine Maitri,'" S. Jaishankar stated in highlighting the significance of the project. He continued by highlighting India's collaboration with organisations like QUAD and others "India is improving and doing well. Why are there so many partnerships among us? We get along well because lots of people. How will we manage various partnerships? Perhaps because we are skilled at it.

The Foreign Affairs Minister does acknowledge that India and China don't have a healthy relationship. "India has positive relations with major powers. China is an outlier since it disregarded agreements and adopted a border posture, prompting us to adopt a counterposition. India's ties with major powers are generally positive. The best relationship we have ever had is with Europe, said S. Jaishankar. "Our relationship with Russia has been incredibly steady and it has been steady through all the upheaval in world politics," the EAM remarked, using India's relationship with Russia as an example. He also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose administration has seen a significant rise in India's status on the world scene. "India's position in the world now is unmistakably stronger and considerably higher. We've been able to persuade the world that we are a superior global force. "I think it's a pretty solid report card," the minister continued. No one, if you look at our current worldwide standing, which is a very elusive but very obvious indicator of success. When you consider how people will respond in 2023 when Prime Minister Modi calls a meeting or enters a conference from a distance of even five years, or perhaps from many of his predecessors, you can see that our standing in the world today is unquestionably much stronger than it was even five years ago.

"I believe there is much more clarity today in our own operations and thinking, and I say that as someone who implements foreign policy. people are aware that there Putting the neighbourhood first. Building your connections and relationships should be your top goal if you want people to understand that your neighbourhood extends to the west, towards the Gulf, to the east, towards South and Central Asia. A system of regulations does that. They are aware of the policy of involving the big powers and the emphasis on Africa. Hence, there is currently a great deal of strategic clarity on our strategy, and if you are serious about, "Added he.

Moreover, Jaishankar emphasised operationalization, noting, "Now, we work on projects in almost 80 different nations. Most Indians are unaware of how much work we perform abroad, hence those situations are frequently used to judge us our dependability There has been a significant improvement. The effectiveness of those enterprises, which frequently languished for years without completion and struggled for anything, has increased.

In the same interview, he expressed his opinions on a wide range of topics, including the controversy over the BBC's documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi's remarks on the LAC.

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