India is a country you can't meddle with after the US and Israel: India Today Conclave 2023 with Amit Shah

Amit Shah India Today Conclave
India is a country you can't meddle with after the US and Israel

According to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, India is the third country that no one should attempt to meddle with after the United States and Israel.

Amit Shah stated during the opening day of the India Today summit 2023 that prior to the election of Narendra Modi as prime minister in 2014, India lacked a defense strategy.

Before Narendra Modi was elected as this nation's prime minister, we lacked a defense strategy. Infiltration from Pakistan used to happen frequently. "No one can dare to infiltrate into Indian borders now that the surgical strike and airstrikes (Balakot) have taken place," Amit Shah said.

"Since India's attacks, the After America and Israel, the world "received a message that India is the third such nation that no one can dare to mess with," he continued.

India is presently the most secure country in terms of both internal and external security, according to Amit Shah. "The Indian Army and Indian borders cannot be messed with by anyone in the globe. We want cordial ties with all nations, but we also won't accept any sort of interference," he said.

Amit Shah responded that the concept of a superpower is no longer relevant when questioned about the global superpowers. "We don't subscribe to the idea of dominance. We want to advance our nation and make it a world power in every sphere the community. India won't ever consider rising to the status of powerhouse. Neither is it part of our national culture, nor can it be the end objective, the BJP leader argued.

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