Infrastructure is essential for border readiness, according to S. Jaishankar

S jaishankar
Infrastructure is essential for border readiness

S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, has emphasised how important border infrastructure is to a country's readiness and how closely connected it is to security at borders, notably the one between India and China.

"For obvious strategic considerations, we have concentrated on the quick development of infrastructure along the northern border with China. For the sake of enhancing trade, energy, and other people-to-people interactions, we have concentrated on quickly establishing border connectivity with our friendly neighbours." Jaishankar said in a conversation with the press, according to ANI.

Assuring collaboration related to development has always been a priority for the BJP government led by PM Modi. "All people can see the facts. The money set aside for the China border projects was just around Rs 3000-4000 cr from 2008 to 2014, but it has now increased several times to Rs 14000 today "said Jaishankar.

The EAM stated when discussing the growth of the infrastructure, "Roads were built for 3610 kilometres between 2008 and 2014, and 6806 kilometres between 2014 and 22. Prior to 2014, there were 7.3 km of bridges constructed; as of 2014, there are 23.5 km." Then, in order to ensure that our soldiers are better equipped, he asserted that nothing could be accomplished without investing in infrastructure.

"One needs to consider what goes into our border preparation in order to understand the argument that we frequently witness on the India-China border, including those posed by the opposition. Our buildings' quality, the technology used to build them, and their maintenance "The minister proclaimed.

A plan for such infrastructure has been established by the centre and includes a system of all-weather roadways. Jaishankar added, "Vada promise for faster and better delivery is not simply a cash commitment. Notably, BRO's budget has seen a double jump from 2500-5000 crores, which is close to a 50% increase in capital budget allocations announced during the recently presented union budget.

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