My beleif is that Modi will rescue Pakistan, says former RAW director Dulat

Raw Chief
My beleif is that Modi will rescue Pakistan

Amarjit Singh Dulat, a former head of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), believes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may extend an olive branch to Pakistan later this year and even "bail out" the neighbouring nation, which has been going through a political and economic crisis for the past few months.

"My suspicion is that Modi ji will save Pakistan this year. No insider knowledge, but my suspicion is that "said Dulat, who is thought to have overseen numerous deep penetration intelligence operations into the neighbouring nation during his tenure as RAW chief. In addition, Dulat foresaw the formation of a "formidable" Iran-Russia-China axis, adding that the US, India's recent ally, "is far away, our neighbours are nearby."

"The best moment to communicate with Pakistan is always. We must continue to interact with our neighbours." Keeping the lines of communication open requires "a little more public involvement," he said.

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