'Oppressive Indian occupation': Shehbaz Sharif's shameless backtracking after talks with PM Modi on Kashmir issue

Pakistan PM
Shehbaz Sharif's shameless backtracking after talks with PM Modi

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who recently claimed that the country has learned its lesson and demanded talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A Kashmiri publication, posted a tweet today dreaming of "freedom for Kashmir".

The tweet is from the so-called Kashmir Solidarity Day, a national holiday celebrated in Pakistan on February 5 every year. Sharif took to Twitter today to express Pakistan's "solidarity" with the people of Kashmir, even as it continues to occupy the Kashmir region, known as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Shehbaz Sharif tweeted, "The people of IIOJK are waging a relentless struggle of epic proportions to realize their dream of freedom from the yoke of India. They have kept the torch of freedom burning through their sacrifices. I believe that their dreams will soon see the light."

"Today, the whole of Pakistan gathers to express its unwavering solidarity and support to the brothers and sisters of Kashmir, who will not be deterred in battle by India's oppressive occupation machine. . In the name of UN-backed self-determination," he wrote in another tweet.

Has Pakistan learned its lesson?

His tweet came just weeks after he expressed his desire to have a "critical and honest discussion" with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. about "burning points like Kashmir." He even claimed that Pakistan had learned its lesson and wanted to be left alone. However, his latest tweet is inconsistent with his earlier remarks.

"My message to the Indian leadership and PM Modi. is that this will allow us to sit around the table and discuss critical issues and honest questions to resolve burning issues like Kashmir. It is as important as keeping peace and making progress or arguing with each other and wasting time and resources," Sharif said.

Pakistan's links to terror attacks

The shameless diversion raises serious doubts about whether the neighboring country can ever be reliable At the same time, Pakistan's links in the terror attack in India were revealed National The National Investigation Agency (NIA) today revealed that the three accused arrested for the 2022 Hyderabad terror attack plot were working on the instructions of agents in Pakistan The NIA also said that accused Zahed had received grenades from Pakistan and planned to throw grenades at BJP/RSS meetings/processions or Hindu festive gatherings in view of Dussehra holding. Zahed also received money from terrorist organizations to carry out terrorist activities.

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