Prices for LPG cylinders have risen in Delhi, with domestic rates rising by Rs. 50 and commercial rates by Rs. 350

Prices for LPG cylinders have risen in Delhi

Prices for domestic Gas cylinders went up by Rs 50. In Delhi, the cost of a residential LPG cylinder is now Rs 1,103. Prices for 19 kg Industrial LPG cylinders went up by Rs 350.50. Due to the rise, a 19 kg commercial cylinder in Delhi will now cost Rs 2,119.50.

The recent increase in the price of Gas cylinders will leave the average person with empty pockets. The general populace will be impacted by an increase in LPG prices because they are currently bearing the brunt of the market's increasing fuel prices.

The state-run oil firms in India set the LPG price, which is updated monthly.

In India, almost every home has access to LPG, which is primarily used for heating.

Here are the pricing details:

New Delhi is priced at Rs. 1,103.00, Kolkata at Rs. 1,079.00, Mumbai at Rs. 1,052.50, Chennai at Rs. 1,068.50, Gurgaon at Rs. 1,061.50, Noida at Rs. 1,050.50, Bengaluru at Rs. 1,055.50, Bhubaneswar at Rs. 1,079.00, Chandigarh at Rs. 1,112.50, Hyderabad at Rs. 1,105.00, Jaipur at Rs. 1,056.50, Luck


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