Rose Water Recipe: Make organic and healthy rosewater at home, will shine in Valentine's Week

Rose Water Recipe

Valentine's week begins with Rose Day. When lovers give red roses to each other. But we all know that roses wither within a day or two. After that we have to throw it away. But now you do not need to throw away the roses you got on Rose Day, because we tell you how you can easily make organic and very healthy rosewater at home. Due to which applying on the face will improve your face in this week.

  • make rosewater at home
  • a large, deep saucepan
  • strainer
  • spray bottle or jar
  • 1/2 gallon distilled water
How to make it 
  • To make rose water, first put your clean rose petals in a vessel or saucepan.
  • Add enough distilled water or clean water to cover the petals. (Remember not to add too much water; else it will dilute the rose water.)
  • Keep this vessel on the gas on low flame and cover it with a lid. Boil it for 30-45 minutes or till the petals leave their color.
  • Leave the prepared rose water to cool completely.

Strain it with the help of a sieve and put it in a spray bottle or jar. Refrigerate it and use for up to a month.

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