Since 2011, almost 16 lakh people have relinquished their Indian citizenship, according to government figures

Almost 16 lakh people have relinquished their Indian citizenship

According to data presented by the government in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, more than 16 lakh Indians have renounced their citizenship since 2011, including 2,25,620 last year.

S Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, provided the information in response to a query.

According to him, 1,31,489 Indians gave up their citizenship in 2015, 1,41,603 did the same in 2016, and 1,33,049 did so in 2017.

1,34,561 Indians gave up their citizenship in 2018, 1,44,017 did so in 2019, 85,256 did so in 2020, and 1,63,370 did so in 2021.

According to the minister, 2,25,620 people would be present in 2022.

Jaishankar stated that the data for 2011 was 1,22,819, while the figures for 2012, 2013, and 2014 were 1,20,923, 1,31,405, and 1,29,328 respectively.

16,63,440 Indians in total have renounced their Indian citizenship since 2011.

In response to a particular question, he stated that, based on information, five Indian individuals have become citizens of the United Arab Emirates in the past three years.

Jaishankar also offered a list of 135 nations from which Indians have obtained citizenship.

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