Some Judges are members of the "anti-India gang", and those who turn against the country will pay: Rijiju, Kiren

Kiren Rijiju
Some Judges are members of the "anti-India gang"

Kiren Rijiju, the law minister, stated on March 18 that "those who turn against the nation would have to pay." He claimed that some retired judges who were "part of the anti-India gang" were attempting to turn the judiciary against the government. The minister claimed that some former judges had proposed at a recent seminar that the courts should restrain the executive, speaking at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi.

According to the union minister, "Recently there was a seminar on accountability of judges but somehow the entire seminar became (about) how the executive is affecting the judiciary," according to the Bar and Bench website. A small number of (retired) justices are activists who work with an anti-Indian group that wants to use the courts to overthrow the government like the opposition parties. Judges have no political affiliations, so how can they claim that the administrative branch needs to be restrained? How is this even possible? No one will get away, and those who betray the country will suffer for it, the minister warned.

Rijiju reiterated his dissatisfaction with the collegium method for selecting judges. "Our stance is crystal clear. We will adhere to the collegium system as long as it is in existence because it is the law. However, a judge cannot be appointed by court order.

Administrative action is required, he said. Judges have traditionally been appointed based on a hotly debated topic, with the government casting doubt on the process of courts choosing judges. The law minister responded, "The Constitution says so," when asked if the government should have the final say regarding the appointment of judges. Rahul Gandhi, a prominent member of the Congress, was criticized by Rijiju for his recent speech in the United Kingdom, which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party in power, has dubbed anti-national. Gandhi complained that the voice of the opposition was being muffled, but the minister responded, "The person who speaks the most is saying that he is not allowed to speak." According to Rijiju, if anyone claims that the Indian court has been hijacked, it indicates that a sinister plan is at work. None of our evaluators are weak; whoever asserts that claim is making a huge error.

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