US citizen arrested for smoking in the restroom and acting inappropriately with passengers on an Air India trip

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US citizen arrested for smoking in the restroom on an Air India trip 

A case has been filed against a US citizen for reportedly misbehaving with other passengers and smoking in the restroom on an Air India flight from London to Mumbai, according to Mumbai Police on Sunday.

The Sahar Police Station in Mumbai has detained the 37-year-old Ramakant for disrupting an aircraft on March 11.

"Smoking is not permitted on the aircraft, but as he entered the restroom, the alarm began to sound, and when the crew and I ran to the restroom, we noticed he was holding a cigarette. We removed the cigarette from his palm right away. Ramakant then began yelling at the entire team. We managed to get him to sit down.

But after some time, he made an attempt to unlock the plane's door. Due to his actions, which made everyone on board fearful, he began acting gimmicky during the trip. He was screaming because he wasn't ready to listen to us. We then made him sit on the seat by tying his hands and ankles "The Sahar Police were informed by an Air India crew member.

"One of the passengers was a medical professional. He came and examined the man. Then Ramakant claimed to have some medication in his bag, but when the bag was searched, an e-cigarette was discovered instead "officer tacked on.

Where he was taken into detention and charged with several IPC offences.

"We've delivered a taste of the accused for a medical examination to determine whether he was intoxicated or mentally unstable” the police noted.

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