Chanakya Niti: These things cause sorrow in human life, if you want to get happiness then take special care

Chankya nIti
Chanakya Niti

Acharya Chanakya has studied every subject of life. Chanakya has carefully considered every point for the welfare of human life. Chanakya says that sorrow and happiness are a part of life, which keep coming in human life from time to time, but there is one thing that causes sorrow in human life. According to Chanakya, if you control this thing, then you will not remain unhappy in life, let us know why sorrows come in human life.

Chanakya has said that man himself invites sorrow in life by his actions.

Chanakya says that work is worship, that is, those who do good deeds that person gets respect everywhere and those who do bad deeds always fall in sorrow. Chanakya says that a person's deeds become the cause of his happiness and sorrow and he gets the fruits of the deeds of his previous birth along with the present. Chanakya says that if you cannot do good to others, then do not do bad to them either.

Happiness and sorrow keep coming in life, but the person who keeps falling from us mostly due to sorrow and trouble, it is the result of his deeds only. Belatedly, you get the fruits of your deeds in this very birth. As soon as he comes in Sukhasana, man forgets the time of his sorrow and then he cannot even understand the difference between good and bad. After this, he commits many mistakes which become the cause of his sorrow.

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